Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 1: Introduction to my Blog, and a new Series!

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate living life simply, and loving it. To live within you means, love what you have, and to love each day for what it is. At present... this is not where I'm at. Quite the opposite in fact. It would be amazing to be at a place in my life where I am not just waiting. Where I could see all the great things that I have in my life like my Husband, my Family, and my Home. To stop blocking out life in order to hopefully reach the next goal, or chapter in my life, more quickly. I'm starting to realize that there will always be another goal, and that even if I just reach a goal, there will always be something else coming up on the horizon. I want to stop living life with blinders on, and stop writing to-do lists that well exceed what is possible to do in one day. I want to find happiness in little things, recognize all the joys in my life, spend time having fun with the ones I care about, and start to actually live for the journey instead of the destination.

To kick off this blog I'm joining TheNester in her '31 Days' series for this year. Basically, she chooses a topic and blogs about it for all of the 31 days in October, and she invites other bloggers to choose their own topic, and blog along with her all through October.

My topic is "31 Days of Living Life; Not just Charging Through it." I'm so excited to join in with this series as I really feel like focussing on blogging every day will really help me to get started on my journey, form good habits, and remember to live life to the fullest.

I will be linking all of my '31 Days' posts at the end of this post as they are published. Thanks for reading!

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Put Work Away!
Day 3: Craft for the Sake of It!
Day 4: Make Time for Breakfast.
Day 5: Clutter's Got to Go
Day 6: Use What you Have
Day 7: You Know What They Say About Cleanliness
Day 8: Give Thanks
Day 9: Finish What You Start
Day 10: Just Another Day
Day 11: Fitting in Fitness
Day 12: Work With What You've Got
Day 13: Make Your House a Home - With Houseplants!
Day 14: Decorating with Household Items
Day 15: Smart Shopping - Start Early!
Day 16: Get Unplugged
Day 17: Taking Stock
Day 18: Hit the Books!
Day 19: Plastic Photography
Day 20: Office Inspiration
Day 21: Don't Watch the Clock!
Day 22: No Such Thing as Wasted Time
Day 23: Use Your Supplies
Day 24: Hello Kitty Glasses
Day 25: Halloween Decorations!
Day 26: Pumpkin Carving!
Day 27: Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Day 28: Hot Cocoa
Day 29: Try Try Again
Day 30: Winding Down
Day 31: 31 Days Finale!


  1. That's Amazing! I will definitely be following closely, as I am the same way, and I would love to be able to stand back and look at what I already have, and already have accomplished :) Good luck!

    1. Thank-you so much! And thanks for reading. =) Hopefully these next 31 Days will help us both see what we have to be happy about. =)