Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas has always been filled with a lot of traditions in my family. Things you don't notice when you're a kid, but that I've really come to appreciate them now that I'm moved out. We do things like a gift exchange between all of the siblings, have an advent wreath that we light at supper, and we always put up the Christmas Tree as a family. 

Putting up the Christmas Tree is always a lot of fun because we usually listen to Christmas Carols, or watch Christmas movies and eat some snacks. It's just a really relaxing time to hang out and not worry about anything else that's going on in our day to day lives.

I decided that for my tree I would kind of go with a blue and silver theme for the plain "Jingle Ball" decorations, and mostly just scattered the more sentimental ornaments around the tree. I'm looking forward to collecting a lot more original and special ornaments over the years.

Merry Christmas Everyone! And Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is happy and warm and with their families.

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