Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 10: Just Another Day

I got up today and immediately started brain storming what project I was going to work on today. I started researching some different ideas as to how I could decorate my home on a budget without altering it too too much as we are renting, and then I realized I was really really tired.

I have had a cold for several days now and haven't slowed down at all to let it sort of run it's corse and be on it's way. After fighting with myself to try to get a list together of some things I could conceivably get done, I realized I was being silly. Anything that I got done today wouldn't be really top notch for sure, and for what?! For the first time in as long as I can remember I decided to let today be "Just Another Day". I don't need to get anything done today, just sit and drink tea, and try to take it easy, and drink a cup of chicken noodle soup. That's the plan for today, and while at first I felt kind of defeated, I'm kind of excited about it now. I'm just going to relax today before I head off to work, not because I got so much done and really deserved it, just because sometimes it's okay to relax.

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