Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 12: Work With What You've Got

In my home I have a pretty small living room, and a pretty small kitchen. Technically I think there could be a dining area in the living room, but we have not looked in to creating that space yet. I've never really been thrilled with the layout of my house, but felt like I din't really have a lot of options because I'm renting my house, and it came sort of set-up when we moved in.

Because I don't really love my living room... or my kitchen really... I spend a LOT of time looking on sites like Pinterest trying to find different kitchens and living rooms that I liked to give me ideas for our next house. I think it's probably better, however, to stop trying to live in the future because I'm still living in this house! So for the next little while I'm going to make a really conscious effort to be happy where I am, and to stop wishing I was somewhere else. Otherwise I'm always going to be saying "When we move", or "When we redo the floors", "When we get new counters", and I'll never be happy with where I am in life.

So today I made a small change, and instead of looking up ideas for the next house, I looked up some different decorating ideas for this house! I decided to look up some ideas for a small dining area incorporated into a small living room, and there were a lot of really good ideas!

I think this set up is a really good example because it is clearly all in the same room, but it still looks like a really cohesive space, and it just looks like they used really inch of their space really really well.

This one really inspires me because it's a lot like the layout that I would have in my house and I really love the look of the round glass-top table.

I really like this one too because it's a lot like what I would want to have in my house, and I love that they put up the shelving by the table. I feel like it really completes the space. 

After seeing all these beautiful examples I'm really inspired to try to turn my home into something that I could be really happy with. I'm actually really excited to try to be happy with where I currently am in life, and hope that if I make a habit of it, I will stop looking towards the next goal, and will always just be happy with where I am.

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