Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 20: Office Inspiration

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I've been thinking lately about how I have an office and I never use it! My computer is always in the living room, and I never seem to get any work done in my office. I would love to have a really organized and functional work space to use, and I really can't figure out what's missing.

I decided that looking at some really amazing looking offices would give me some ideas, and it sure did! I am so excited to get a really nice comfy chair, fill the spare with lots of color, and I really want to switch out my corner computer desk for a more simple table-like desk to make the work space less cluttered.

I also really want to make a real home for my sewing machine, because I'm not always inspired to sew when I have to dig out my sewing machine first.

I found these amazing plans to make a sewing table that folds down into a little island work space for a craft room/ office. This would be a total game changer because trying to sew on a corner desk is not a good time.

It looks so amazing! And with the table set up there would be a ton of room to sew.

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