Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day 6: Use What You Have

Hey Guys! So lately I've been getting so excited about everything fall. I've been drinking all kinds of teas and coffees and have been burning candles every day, the works. One thing that I like to change up quite a bit for the season is nail polish. I like looking into the new collections for that year from all the different nail polish brands and pick out a bunch that I want to get and everything... and then usually realize that I can't actually afford a whole ton of nail polish. I mean, even 4 nail polishes is between like 24-32 dollars, which is fine, I just don't have it for nail polish all the time.

Then I realized, I actually do have a fair few bottles of nail polish, and I'm sure some of them would be good for fall. So these are my nail polish picks for fall, just from what I already had. =)

Left to Right: China Glaze 'Champagne Bubbles', China Glaze 'Fast Track', OPI 'Chicago Champagne Toast', OPI 'You Don't Know Jacques', Sephora by OPI 'Pushing Your Luck', ORLY 'Rage'

Left to Right: China Glaze 'First Mate', China Glaze 'Watermelon Rind', OPI 'Don't Mess With OPI', OPI 'Ski Teal We Drop', OPI 'Get in the Espresso Lane'

I was so surprised with how many nail polishes I liked for fall, that I ALREADY HAD!! A lot of these colors were also kind of pushed to the back of my collection and forgotten because I really wasn't using them for spring or summer, so I kind of got to rediscover these polishes, which was a lot of fun, still really exciting, and FREE!

I think mostly I was excited about this discovery because it was kind of a baby step in the right direction for me. Yeah, maybe it was just nail polish, but I actually did managed to realize that I don't need to be able to afford every little thing. There are lots of things that I already have in my life to be happy about. 


  1. Wow! I can't believe there were already so many polishes that you already had that were so good for fall! 10 polishes is a lot! Makes me want to go through my closet and see how much fall/winter clothes I already have.

  2. Thanks! =D I was so so excited to see that I could still wear fall nail polishes without having to pay anything! That sounds like a good idea. =) I hope there are a lot of good finds in your closet!