Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day 7: You Know What They Say About Cleanliness

Hey Everyone! I've been really thinking about the direction that these "Love Living Simply" posts are going in, and I'm realizing that a lot of it is just cutting down the things that cause you daily stress. I think that everyone has things that stay in the back of their mind that they try to avoid, and then just sort of dwell about, and hopefully if we can all get past these obstacles everything will just be a lot more simple and relaxed.

One thing that I find I am constantly worrying about is the amount of cleaning that I have to do. Realistically, you can only get so much cleaning done in one day, and you only WANT to clean for so long in one day! I'm starting to realize that admitting that I don't want to clean all day is sort of a healthy thing. No one really does, so why pretend? Anyway, whenever I start cleaning something, say like, doing a load of laundry and washing all the dish clothes, I notice all the other laundry that could be done and start to panic because I don't have time for 8 loads of laundry! I begin to feel really overwhelmed because I can't finish everything, and my one little load of laundry I was going to do suddenly seems insignificant. I have sort of the same reaction when I do any sort of cleaning in my house. After all, how can I vacuum and not dust?

I had to eventually realize it's okay to not clean every room in the house, and I decided that if I knew for sure that these other tasks would get done in the near future, that I wouldn't worry about them as much! So I made a weekly cleaning list for myself.

Sunday: Clean Fridge. Wash Bedding

Tuesday: Wash Dish Cloths. Clean all Floors.

Wednesday: Tidy Office. Clothes Laundry.

Friday: Tidy front Closet. Dust. Clothes Laundry.

Saturday: Bathrooms. Tidy Bedroom.

I skipped Monday and Thursdays because those are always very busy days for me. =) I think that I was originally hesitant to make a cleaning list because well... it means you have to clean! But I actually really love it because, I would have to clean anyway, and this lets me know when I am done. I only have to do the few things that are listed for that day, and yet everything will be clean all the time!

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