Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 11: Fitting in Fitness

Fitness has become quite a challenge for me. I find it really tiring, and time consuming, and because I don't exercise consistently, I don't see any result. I would LOVE to be a person who liked to exercise several times a week, and who just kept really active, and felt healthy and energetic all the time. At current I just have a ton of exercise dvd's that I don't use. I really want to get into a habit of just being really active. I used to think that I wanted to lose weight, and that to do that I would have to follow a carefully constructed set of dvds that would be exhausting and horribly boring, to get there.

I pretty much tried everything with the dvd's and did have some short term success here and there. I tried making a habit of it, and did an exercise dvd every morning as soon as I got up. I would try to focus and make myself finish the dvd, even though I could think of 100 other things that I wanted to do, because it would be worth it.

Losing weight is no longer the issue for me. No, I'm not the weight that I want to be exactly, but more-so I just want to feel healthy and energetic.

Thinking back to when I was my lightest... I didn't work out AT ALL. I tried to eat well most of the time, and would walk everywhere. Like, I would walk up to 2 hours a day because I just had errands to run, and things to do. I didn't work out, but I led a fairly healthy lifestyle, and I was a LOT happier at that time of my life. Eventually I began to think that my life was too busy for me to walk everywhere, so I would drive, and I slowly cut out the active part of my life back to nothing.

So today, I decided to go for a quick 20 minute walk before work. It was surprisingly hard to find just 20 minutes! But I was so glad that I did. It was so nice just to stop everything for a short time and just enjoy the cool fall air and the crunchy leaves!

Just going for a quick walk made for such a better day. It seemed like such a small thing but it really made me feel a lot more awake, and a lot happier. I think I'll try to go for a walk again tomorrow.

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