Sunday, 21 October 2012

Day 21: Don't Watch the Clock!

Where I work I generally work evenings, and have gotten very used to my routine of getting up, having breakfast, getting some cleaning done, having a bit of time to work on whatever project I'm currently working on, and then go off to work. I have everything pretty well timed out so that I can get a good amount done and be productive before I work.

Days like today are a little bit different. My shift got switched around so that I'm actually working the night shift, which starts when I would normally be getting off work. This is fine, accept that it throws off my routine. Whenever this happens it can kind of ruin my day because, even though I have pretty well all day to myself, I'm basically waiting all day until I have to work!

I wanted today to be different. It's really stressful to just sit all day thinking "I have to work in X number of hours" so I didn't! I refused to think about how long it was until I had to go to work, and all day I was a lot less stressed for it. And I actually got a lot done!'

I guess this is kind of a quick post, but I thought it was really interesting how such a small change could really improve my day.

Thanks for reading!

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