Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day 17: Taking Stock

So I'm realizing that sometimes you just don't realize how much crafty-type supplies you really have!

I have been wanting to start up some knitting again. I used to knit and crochet all-the-time when I was in University, and a lot when I was growing up as well, but for the past year I haven't really touched it. I started looking at a few small patterns to try, and started thinking about what sort of yarn I should pick up when I thought "I probably have some knitting stuff in the storage room that I could use." Yeah, understatement of the year, for sure.

I forgot how huge the box was that I used to pack up all my knitting stuff when I moved. It's enormous! And what's worse is that I sort of packed everything pretty unceremoniously so it was a disaster sort of a mess...

I realized that I really haven't been knitting because I forgot that I even had this stuff! And realistically, looking at this mess of tangled yarn didn't really inspire me. So I decided to take stock!

I dumped out all of my yarn, half finished products, bits of stuffing, and sorted it all.

When I was finished I was actually shocked at how much yarn I had!

I am so inspired people. Like, I want to make a million different projects now. And This is perfect timing because it's just starting to get chilly outside! It really really helped me to get to see exactly what it was that I had, and to have all of my supplies in front of me. It also made all of my knitting supplies a lot more useful! Now that they aren't just a tangled mess. I'm really happy that I decided to put in the time to sort all of my yarn out. Now I just need to think of a really cute way to store it!

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