Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 5: Clutter's Got to Go

Hey Everyone! So today I was thinking about all of the things I keep thinking about and meaning to do, but there are always just so many things that I want to get too and just not enough time in the day. Lately, however, it has been really bothering my that my kitchen has been getting over run with clutter. It seems like we have just been running from one place to the next lately, and with that, our house is suffering a little. We've been able to keep up for the most part, but I suppose that the little breakfast bar in my kitchen has kind of turned into a junk collector. This makes me not even really want to be in the kitchen really, as, because it is so small, any amount of mess or clutter is very very noticeable. It instantly takes up a very large portion of the room!

Just wow. I'm still surprised that it got to be such a mess. Clutter is such a trigger for stress, and it makes it very difficult to really appreciate the space that you have, as all the good qualities of the room sort of get masked over. I love this little 'breakfast bar' that we have in our kitchen, but when it gets covered like this I can't even look at it. Today I decided enough is enough and I just dealt with the issue. 

Reading that, and even thinking about how I didn't just clear away all that junk the moment that I noticed what a mess it became, makes me laugh. Has it really gotten so bad, that I'm sure I don't even have 15 minutes to clear all of that away?!

It really did not make me a long time to find a proper home for all of those random items (accept the absinthe... that was gifted to us, and as beer and wine drinkers, I'll don't think we'll be keeping it...) and now we have full use of our breakfast bar again, and our kitchen seems so much more bright and open! I also put an oil burner on the bar just because I've been really liking them lately. Don't know if it will stay there long term but I like it for now.

I'm really happy that I just got to it and crossed that task off my list. I think I am going to try to really think about everything that I've been meaning to get to lately and try to cross some more of them off my mental list. It really is such a good feeling to get them done and out of the way! And for the rest of the day I was happy with my small accomplishment which made my day just that much better.

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